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Natural History Museum!


5C are having a great time investigating fossils, bones, plants and much more at the Natural History Museum





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100 word challenge by Eleana


Once on a sunny day, out in the wide blue sea, an old ship with a ripped sail and a broken canon floated on the rippling water. Aboard that ship was a grumpy mean pirate who was nobody’s friend. I especially hate him. He’s the one that killed me. It was 1985 when he did it. He had stole my next door neighbours child and I saw him take her. The next day when my mum went out he snuck in. My life had been cut short and I have been haunting him ever since. He will never get away!

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My tunnel story by Cody


I felt the tunnel closing in on me my heart done a summer salt I sprinted As fast as I could, he got closer clutching the kitchen knife like a serial killer …

I gripped the door handle that lead to the dark room, he banged the rusty door like a devil with a twisted horn, i dived under a bed in the pitch black room when the door swung open I gasped the dim lights flickered in the centre of the spooky prison cell. I darted to the door he grasped me by the arm and dragged me to an even stranger shot into pitch darkness , a strange blue mystical ball appeared,he got the giant shears off of the table he left the room I got into a small shaft…

I shot down to the ground floor , it seemed to be a kitchen, there was a scream I heard a voice in my head .He lead me out of a tunnel but he didn’t let go. He pushed me to the cold slabs on the floor he shook me and threw me out

“Don’t come back its dangerous out there,”he said with a livid voice.

I ran with a really bad ankle and I saw a broken up tennis court it looked like a derelict mansion. I pushed the door open like I just came back from a bad day! There were tawny owl gargoyles Perched above the seemed to be a abandoned asylum . I ran through the door sweating  by the second I tried to calm down but I went up the stairs it was a very messy place I saw a shelf and chair I slid through and a giant creature with bulging lumps on its back he picked me  up and threw a  me through a window back to the first floor…

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Respect with penguin BY ABIGAIL


One cold-aired snowy day, a girl called Vicky went to Antarctica and she was discovering things like animals. Suddenly she saw a penguin trapped between the icebergs! She had to do something. She lifted it out and then it waddled back to his friends.

14 years later the girl was sitting on the steps outside because she divorced with her husband. All of a sudden, the exact same penguin came waddling over and put his arm round her, and made her feel better, and then they went together in the moonlight.


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Could you be a spy detective?


In Literacy we are making detective stories and turning them into films!

Take this quiz to see if YOU could be a spy!

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Newton and gravity


5C have been discussing gravity in Science this week.
Miss Cronvall wonders if children can explain what is happening in the picture below:
What do we know about gravity?

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Miss Mintons perspective to Journey to the River Sea


Miss Minton’s perspective to Journey to the River Sea.

As Maia approached the old vintage cab I caught a glimpse of her long silky hair. My mouth was as dry as a desert when Maia casually strolled closer to the taxi! It was the coldest day of the year so far but I had to introduce myself to Maia. I leaped out of the cart and explained “Hello, young Maia I hope you are in high spirits because I am your governess that will take you to your destination”!

One slow three weeks had past and I was on the border of the Amazon Rainforest. Maia was paranoid due to never seeing or speaking to the Carters. Surprisingly no one was here to greet us, as we approached the cottage, now slowly walking Maia’s disappointment was written all over herself.

We had to now welcome yourself because no one came to welcome us. Strolling down the dull corridor no one took notice of us so then we got told to go to the dirty rooms while dinner was cooking in the hot oven by Miss Minton because they were hungry.

After a short period of time, tea was sat on the broken wooden table as everyone was staring at us like we were zombies. Maia mumbled to me “This is like half of the dinner I used to have when my mum and dad were alive. “There was no answer!

I woke up to the twins bickering about Maia and her piano lessons with me, Miss Minton! Abruptly I slowly strolled out of bed like a snail to try and change the convocation. Tired and paranoid, I quickly set up there room ready for the lesson while everyone was ignoring me! Ten minutes had past and they’re ready to learn some important steps to play the piano.

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Colm’s 500 word challenge ‘Tom’s Nosy Neighbours.’


Tom’s naughty neighbours were nosy. They were the nosiest nosy neighbours who ever lived. You would probably recognise their names because they’re  mentioned a lot.  They should be put in the Guinness world records for being  the nosy neighbours. But Tom and his parents had  had enough. They had to find a way to stop the nosy neighbours being nosy. But how? There was only one solution- and that was be nosy to the neighbours. But was it possible? Could they out smart their nosy, nosy neighbours? Of course they could! They were the Arnolds!

Unfortunately, one day Tom had noticed a big bruise on his head when he was randomly looking in the mirror. Was it his neighbour’s long noses that whacked him on the head? Tom didn’t know what had happened but he was going to find out.

The day after that, Tom woke up with the sun beaming down on his face. But then, he checked his bruise. It had become bigger! Tom rushed down the stairs to tell Mum what had happened. She was shocked. It really had grown! Tom’s Mum showed Tom outside to the garden. Tom couldn’t believe his eyes. There were cameras spread out everywhere in secret hiding places! (Well, not very good hiding places if you ask me). That could only mean one thing- Tom’s neighbours were spying on him and his family! Tom got furious.

That night, Tom stayed up very late to try and figure out how to stop those nosy neighbours being nosy. Did Tom have to make ‘Tom’s Marvellous Medicine’? Or start a big fight between Tom and his family against their neighbours? There were lots of ways but did any of them work? Tom looked at the fruit bowl on his desk. Or did he have to do what happened in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie and throw apples at his neighbours? Still, Tom did not know. Then, a random word popped up in Tom’s head: ‘experiment.’ Nah, Tom wasn’t any good at experiment things. A few more words popped up in Tom’s head: ‘available.’ What was that to do with anything? ‘Communicate.’ Still didn’t help. But then another idea popped up in Tom’s head. ‘Ask to not be nosy.’ That could actually be a good idea, thought Tom. Him or his family had never thought of saying that. Probably because it was a bit rude. But, he would at least give it a try. Tom told his mum and dad the plan. Yes, they did say it would probably be too rude but Tom said it was the only way. His mum and dad agreed and Tom said under his breath ”yes!”

The next day, Tom and his parents were all ready to go. Tom’s mum and dad were nervous, but they soon got over it. When they got over there, Tom’s mum and dad were burning red like a chilli. The neighbours opened the door and Tom said it. Wow! How easy was that?!

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The New York Mystery


Have you ever felt like flying through the sky ? Seven years later and I was on my way to New York! What am I doing here ? How did I get on the plane ? I was flying through the sky like a bird with Aunt Gloria by my side the hole time . I didn’t know what was going on !!…

Rain was pouring down on the steaming windows of the plane meanwhile me worrying about what could be happening . Aunt Gloria was fast asleep like a slof however she was saying “you have got a new sister “. Shockingly, I didn’t know if this was true or not but I hoe it isn’t !!…Or is it …

Like a kangaroo , I leaped out of the huge plane to the fresh air of New York City! Supriesingly,dad and my new sister was impatiently waiting outside of the airport,she had long silky hair which blue in the soft cool breeze . I was incredibly jealous of her. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met !

My dad! I hardly ever see him but today he wanted to. My sister (Mandy) could NOT stop talking,she is someone who would tell you your whole life story. Would you like a sister ?

One week later, and I was in my room writing this diary with my sister. Amazingly, we have only had two arguments ( over the best room in the mansion ) however I thought we would have more! Now I wish that I could have a sister earlier !!! I hope Ted can be here aswell to join in with all of the fun we are having I New York .

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100 word challenge by Eleana Wood


Once upon a time there was two g . . .  Woh! Woh! Woh! Okay let’s cut to the chase. Two young girls were roaming round the woods collecting fruit. As they turned a corner . . . They saw a large castle where of course the king lives. A young princess called Millie trotted out of the castle wearing a years worth of make-up ( to be honest she looked like a pig). Her mother the queen ( obviously ) was leading the guards into the garden. The girls mouths were wide open with shock. The princess looked at her blue dress ( which was tacky) and clicked her fingers . . . .


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