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Colm’s 500 word challenge ‘Tom’s Nosy Neighbours.’


Tom’s naughty neighbours were nosy. They were the nosiest nosy neighbours who ever lived. You would probably recognise their names because they’re  mentioned a lot.  They should be put in the Guinness world records for being  the nosy neighbours. But Tom and his parents had  had enough. They had to find a way to stop the nosy neighbours being nosy. But how? There was only one solution- and that was be nosy to the neighbours. But was it possible? Could they out smart their nosy, nosy neighbours? Of course they could! They were the Arnolds!

Unfortunately, one day Tom had noticed a big bruise on his head when he was randomly looking in the mirror. Was it his neighbour’s long noses that whacked him on the head? Tom didn’t know what had happened but he was going to find out.

The day after that, Tom woke up with the sun beaming down on his face. But then, he checked his bruise. It had become bigger! Tom rushed down the stairs to tell Mum what had happened. She was shocked. It really had grown! Tom’s Mum showed Tom outside to the garden. Tom couldn’t believe his eyes. There were cameras spread out everywhere in secret hiding places! (Well, not very good hiding places if you ask me). That could only mean one thing- Tom’s neighbours were spying on him and his family! Tom got furious.

That night, Tom stayed up very late to try and figure out how to stop those nosy neighbours being nosy. Did Tom have to make ‘Tom’s Marvellous Medicine’? Or start a big fight between Tom and his family against their neighbours? There were lots of ways but did any of them work? Tom looked at the fruit bowl on his desk. Or did he have to do what happened in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie and throw apples at his neighbours? Still, Tom did not know. Then, a random word popped up in Tom’s head: ‘experiment.’ Nah, Tom wasn’t any good at experiment things. A few more words popped up in Tom’s head: ‘available.’ What was that to do with anything? ‘Communicate.’ Still didn’t help. But then another idea popped up in Tom’s head. ‘Ask to not be nosy.’ That could actually be a good idea, thought Tom. Him or his family had never thought of saying that. Probably because it was a bit rude. But, he would at least give it a try. Tom told his mum and dad the plan. Yes, they did say it would probably be too rude but Tom said it was the only way. His mum and dad agreed and Tom said under his breath ”yes!”

The next day, Tom and his parents were all ready to go. Tom’s mum and dad were nervous, but they soon got over it. When they got over there, Tom’s mum and dad were burning red like a chilli. The neighbours opened the door and Tom said it. Wow! How easy was that?!

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8 Comments to

“Colm’s 500 word challenge ‘Tom’s Nosy Neighbours.’”

  1. June 3rd, 2015 at 2:19 pm      Reply mcronvall Says:

    Wow that’s long Colm

  2. June 3rd, 2015 at 2:32 pm      Reply Eleana and Nancy Says:

    Wow Colm that is so long but really interesting 🙂

  3. June 3rd, 2015 at 2:43 pm      Reply Becky Says:

    We’ll done Colm!! It blew my socks of please make more in the future I would love to read them!

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