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My tunnel story by Cody


I felt the tunnel closing in on me my heart done a summer salt I sprinted As fast as I could, he got closer clutching the kitchen knife like a serial killer …

I gripped the door handle that lead to the dark room, he banged the rusty door like a devil with a twisted horn, i dived under a bed in the pitch black room when the door swung open I gasped the dim lights flickered in the centre of the spooky prison cell. I darted to the door he grasped me by the arm and dragged me to an even stranger shot into pitch darkness , a strange blue mystical ball appeared,he got the giant shears off of the table he left the room I got into a small shaft…

I shot down to the ground floor , it seemed to be a kitchen, there was a scream I heard a voice in my head .He lead me out of a tunnel but he didn’t let go. He pushed me to the cold slabs on the floor he shook me and threw me out

“Don’t come back its dangerous out there,”he said with a livid voice.

I ran with a really bad ankle and I saw a broken up tennis court it looked like a derelict mansion. I pushed the door open like I just came back from a bad day! There were tawny owl gargoyles Perched above the seemed to be a abandoned asylum . I ran through the door sweating  by the second I tried to calm down but I went up the stairs it was a very messy place I saw a shelf and chair I slid through and a giant creature with bulging lumps on its back he picked me  up and threw a  me through a window back to the first floor…

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“My tunnel story by Cody”

  1. June 12th, 2015 at 11:54 am      Reply Eleana Says:

    This story is really good I love the tension at the beginning.

  2. July 20th, 2015 at 11:58 am      Reply Cody Says:

    Thanks every one!

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