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Natural History Museum!


5C are having a great time investigating fossils, bones, plants and much more at the Natural History Museum

Could you be a spy detective?


In Literacy we are making detective stories and turning them into films! Take this quiz to see if YOU could be a spy!

Newton and gravity


5C have been discussing gravity in Science this week. Miss Cronvall wonders if children can explain what is happening in the picture below: What do we know about gravity?



As you can see, 5C have perfected their routines during gymnastics, incorporating as many rolls as they can. How many can you name in this one?

Fruit challenge!


5C are continuing with their ‘Change for Life’ challenges and this week we were asked: Can you eat 5 fruit and vegetable a day? Can you try one new piece of fruit or vegetable this week? Miss Cronvall has been loving grapefruits this week as this is not her usual choice of fruit and she […]

Playmakers in P.E. being role models


5C have been working hard to be good team mates during games in P.E. Each team had to elect a role model when playing football. Miss Cronvall wants to ask what we think makes a good role model? How can we ensure we work well as a team? 🙂

5C challenge!


5C have been taking part in ‘Change for life,’ learning about healthy lifestyles. This week our challenge was to turn off our TV’s, tablets or mobile devices an hour before bedtime and choose a different way to relax before bed. WHO HAS MANAGED IT? What did you do instead? Why do you think this was […]

Charlie of the rainforest!


5C have been doing lots of work on rainforests in Geography and learning about Brazil. We posed questions for the main character in ‘The Great Kapok Tree,’ the ellusive woodcutter. The book which centres around rainforest conservation  and 5C ponder what the woodcutter is up to! trim.vsl3Kr from l on Vimeo.

The Solar Eclipse!


  5C eagerly awaited to see the solar eclipse on Friday at 9.30 a.m but unfortunately struggled to view the live feed on the internet! We did however turn off the lights and the classroom went dark. Miss Cronvall would like to know what children thought about it and whether they found it as interesting […]

5C are expert musicians!


5C show off their skills in Music playing brass instruments. They know the notes C and D inside out!

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