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100 word challenge by Eleana


Once on a sunny day, out in the wide blue sea, an old ship with a ripped sail and a broken canon floated on the rippling water. Aboard that ship was a grumpy mean pirate who was nobody’s friend. I especially hate him. He’s the one that killed me. It was 1985 when he did […]

My tunnel story by Cody


I felt the tunnel closing in on me my heart done a summer salt I sprinted As fast as I could, he got closer clutching the kitchen knife like a serial killer … I gripped the door handle that lead to the dark room, he banged the rusty door like a devil with a twisted […]

Respect with penguin BY ABIGAIL


One cold-aired snowy day, a girl called Vicky went to Antarctica and she was discovering things like animals. Suddenly she saw a penguin trapped between the icebergs! She had to do something. She lifted it out and then it waddled back to his friends. 14 years later the girl was sitting on the steps outside […]

Miss Mintons perspective to Journey to the River Sea


Miss Minton’s perspective to Journey to the River Sea. As Maia approached the old vintage cab I caught a glimpse of her long silky hair. My mouth was as dry as a desert when Maia casually strolled closer to the taxi! It was the coldest day of the year so far but I had to […]

Colm’s 500 word challenge ‘Tom’s Nosy Neighbours.’


Tom’s naughty neighbours were nosy. They were the nosiest nosy neighbours who ever lived. You would probably recognise their names because they’re  mentioned a lot.  They should be put in the Guinness world records for being  the nosy neighbours. But Tom and his parents had  had enough. They had to find a way to stop the […]

The New York Mystery


Have you ever felt like flying through the sky ? Seven years later and I was on my way to New York! What am I doing here ? How did I get on the plane ? I was flying through the sky like a bird with Aunt Gloria by my side the hole time . […]

100 word challenge by Eleana Wood


Once upon a time there was two g . . .  Woh! Woh! Woh! Okay let’s cut to the chase. Two young girls were roaming round the woods collecting fruit. As they turned a corner . . . They saw a large castle where of course the king lives. A young princess called Millie trotted […]

Samuel’s diary entry


Dear Diary The Amazon Rainforest is not my dream home but I love it anyway. There are lots of helpful supplies there that keep my tribe alive. I am sometimes worried that our home will get destroyed by deforestation. I am happy at the moment because my tribe is very friendly. Some of the animals […]

100 word challenge by Samuel


Maxie the Hyena Maxie, the beautiful grey Hyena, was born in the hills of Scotland. He made miserable people happy and was always jolly whatever the weather. As this heroic Hyena tried to climb the Rocky Mountain. Half way up he got a sandwich out of his pocket and ate it. Maxie was tired but […]

Five Nights At The Amazon Rainforest by abi h


One peaceful sunset morning, around 5-6 am, 6 teenagers aged 16 went to the amazon rainforest for 5 days, to accomplish their school project. At 7:00, Abigail, Liam, Ellie, Mike and Kyle woke up after the nightmare of the delay on the aeroplane. They started to tour themselves around. Abigail walked towards the Great Kapok […]

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